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Awards & Certifications

03/11/2011: AlpVision is selected as a top 3 finalist at the Swiss Technology Award 2011 among 70 innovative projects

According to INSEAD 2011 GII (Global Innovation Index), Switzerland is the most innovative country in the world. AlpVision is therefore especially proud to have been selected as a top 3 finalist among 70 innovative projects for the Swiss Technology Award 2011.

The awarded technology is Cryptoglyph, an invisible marking that protects products against counterfeiting and which is patented (granted) in 17 countries, including Europe, USA, People's Republic of China, and India, to name a few. This patented technology is ideally suited to respond to new regulations related to product authentication in various countries.

19/03/2010: AlpVision Pharma Work Team has successfully completed the Computer System Validation - CSV GAMP5 training

AlpVision develops unique computer-based digital anti-counterfeit solutions for pharmaceutical products, which have to meet GAMP5 Computerized System Validation guidelines in order to comply with the requirements of the national regulation authorities, such as the FDA 21 CFR part 11 for medicines delivered in the USA.

Continuing education and training ensure that the AlpVision development and project management teams continue to develop products that align with the evolving national regulation changes.

05/10/2009: AlpVision obtains the Green Label at Pack Expo International, Las Vegas, USA
AlpVision was awarded the Green Label at Pack Expo International, Las Vegas, Oct. 5, for providing unique digital anti-counterfeit solutions for packaging and labeling that require no additional consumables, adding no extra production or energy costs.

AlpVision is proud to have been recognized for its digital authentication solutions that support sustainability goals, a major concern of many branded products manufacturers.
19/11/2007: AlpVision is 'Commended' for the Development of Authenticity Products, a category of PISEC '07 Awards
During the PISEC '07 awards, celebrating innovation and excellence in the field of brand, product and document protection, the Jury 'Commended' AlpVision for the Development of Authenticity Products, including its Cryptoglyph technology, an invisible marking that protects packaging and labeling using regular visible ink and standard printing equipment.
21/12/2006: AlpVision receives the Swiss Made Certificate
AlpVision is now entitled to use the Swiss Made Quality logo. Due to its outstanding contribution to the development of new Digital Imaging technology to protect branded products and value documents against counterfeiting, AlpVision earned this respected label. AlpVision is entitled to use the Swiss Made Quality logo for all its products and services. AlpVision is proud to be allowed to use the Swiss Made Quality logo and is committed to keep this high standard for all future deliveries and development.
18/03/2004: AlpVision receives European Seal of Excellence
AlpVision received the European Seal of Excellence. Winners for 2004 were announced at CEBIT-Hanover on 18 March 2004. The European Seal of Excellence in Multimedia distinguishes European companies with applications, services or technologies that are genuinely outstanding and world class. It may also be awarded to non-European Companies that have an outstanding track record of collaboration with Europe. AlpVision is proud to be honored with the Seal of Excellence.
17/02/2004: AlpVision receives the CTISU Quality Label
AlpVision has obtained the CTISU quality label. This Quality Label is awarded by the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology to Swiss companies that have proven readiness for sustainable business development. AlpVision is very proud of this achievement since it confirms our continuing efforts in building a valuable contribution to the Swiss economy through quality and innovation.
10/10/2002: Dotrix (now an AGFA Company) and AlpVision win the PISEC'02 Award
(Global Product and Image Security Convention), for "Outstanding Achievement in Counterfeit Deterrence" for the integration of Cryptoglyph technology into the digital press.
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