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FAQs About AlpVision - FAQs About Solutions - FAQs About Pricing


FAQs About AlpVision

When was AlpVision founded?

AlpVision, a world leader in digital solutions for product authentication, was founded in 2001 following the invention of a breakthrough authentication technology, widely used today by Forbes 2000 companies across industries worldwide.

Where is AlpVision located?

AlpVision is headquartered in Vevey, Switzerland, with a Regional Office in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

What are the benefits of digital solutions for product authentication?

  • Digital solutions for product authentication do not require any additional consumables, making them cost-effective and easy to deploy.
  • Digitally encoded into various packaging materials, they do not require any changes to the printing process.
  • Invisible to the naked eye, they are highly secure and designed to defeat counterfeiters.
  • Unlike most covert safety features, detection does not require highly specialized equipment or dedicated devices, rather a standard office scanner or smartphone.

What are the benefits of covert or invisible safety features?

  • Simple and low cost to implement
  • Highly secure against copying
  • Need no regulatory approval
  • Provide positive authentication
  • Can be applied in-house or via component suppliers and, in some cases, implemented post product deployment

What are the drawbacks of using overt or visible safety features?

  • Require user education
  • May be easily copied or re-used
  • May be expensive to add
  • May give false assurance

What are the strategic benefits in implementing an AlpVision solution?

  • No visible markings
  • No additional consumables
  • No special reading devices
  • No production changes
  • Instant positive authentication

Which industries does AlpVision serve?

AlpVision's digital authentication solutions protect billions of products across industries worldwide each year, including: pharmaceutical products, tobacco & spirits, electromechanical parts, lubricants, wine & spirits, watches and documents, to name a few.

Who are AlpVision's clients?

Because of customer confidentiality, client names cannot be revealed.

Where are AlpVision's solutions deployed?

AlpVision's solutions protect billions of products across industries worldwide each year. However, because of customer confidentiality, deployment locations cannot be revealed.

How would you measure the success of your technologies?

AlpVision has been in existence since 2001, reached profitability in 2003 and has grown steadily ever since. AlpVision is proud to have worldwide leading actors in the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries among its customers. AlpVision's solutions protect billions of products across industries worldwide each year.

FAQs About Solutions

What is AlpVision Cryptoglyph®?

AlpVision Cryptoglyph is a digital image file that contains encrypted information. Integrated with prepress, the Cryptoglyph embeds a pseudo-random pattern of invisible microdots (10-20 microns) in the imperfections of the printed material using regular visible ink and standard printing processes (offset, rotogravure, flexo, laser, inkjet, etc.). When applying overprint varnish, the Cryptoglyph adds a pseudo-random pattern of invisible micro-holes (40-80 microns) to the coating. AlpVision Cryptoglyph can be detected using a standard office scanner or smartphone.

What is AlpVision Fingerprint?

With no changes to the standard molding practices, AlpVision Fingerprint leverages the intrinsic microscopic surface irregularities found in a mold and uses these unique characteristics as the means of authentication (as opposed to adding safety features). The process requires capturing a digital image of the matte-finished surface of a molded part and storing it in a database. This image is then used as a reference to perform product authentication. AlpVision Fingerprint can be detected using a standard office scanner or smartphone.

Which anti-counterfeit technology should I use for which packaging material?

AlpVision Cryptoglyph protects cartons, leaflets, labels, blister packs, and value documents. AlpVision Fingerprint protects mass produced objects manufactured by molding, such as bottles and caps, electrical appliances, mechanical parts, and imaging supplies, to name a few.

Can I use both AlpVision Cryptoglyph and AlpVision Fingerprint?

Combined, AlpVision's Cryptoglyph and Fingerprint technologies provide double security, protecting packaged products or products that contain both printed and glass or plastic packaging materials. In addition, AlpVision's anti-counterfeit solutions are compatible with other overt safety features, such as Bar Codes, two dimensional matrix codes, and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), to name a few.

What is your recommendation in protecting primary vs. secondary packaging?

Ideally both (AlpVision Cryptoglyph on packaging or labeling; AlpVision Fingerprint on molded parts). If there are budget constraints, we recommend protecting the primary package or product itself.

How are AlpVision's solutions detected? Do I need special devices?

Unlike most anti-counterfeit technologies available on the market today, AlpVision's Cryptoglyph and Fingerprint technologies do not require any adapted devices, but can be detected using a standard office scanner or smartphone.

Are AlpVision's solutions secure?

Invisible to the naked eye, AlpVision's anti-counterfeit technologies are highly secure and are designed to defeat counterfeiters.

Can I use AlpVision's products for Track & Trace?

AlpVision's anti-counterfeit technologies provide positive authentication, which not only helps confirm the authenticity of the product, but also increases the reliability of other safety features. While AlpVision Cryptoglyph cannot provide unique identification, this technology can generate information about the printed batch. While AlpVision Fingerprint cannot provide a complete track and trace system, this solution can identify the original mold cavity, help locate the equipment manufacturer and determine the approximate production date.

What is AlpVision KrypsosT?

AlpVision Krypsos is a server-based Web application that allows brand owners to perform online authentication and manage product authentication solutions, including AlpVision Cryptoglyph® and AlpVision Fingerprint.

Do AlpVision's solutions have regulatory approval?

While covert safety features do not require any regulatory approval, KrypsosT - AlpVision's server-based Web application, is FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

I'm not sure your solutions will meet my unique authentication needs. What is the best process to select the most appropriate authentication solution?

You may use ISO 12931, a standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for evaluating authentication solutions to combat counterfeiting of material goods. Want to learn more about ISO 12931? Purchase the standard from the ISO Store.

What are the strategic benefits in using a smartphone as a detection device?

In addition to providing instant positive authentication, AlpVision's smartphone product authentication application allows brand owners to connect with and market directly to experts in the field, supply chain agents and consumers; to perform market studies; and to announce product releases and news, promotional discounts and upcoming events.

How secure is AlpVision's iPhone app?

Only a down sampled version of the Cryptoglyph is stored locally on the iPhone. This Cryptoglyph cannot be used to produce counterfeited packages, for example. For production software, Cryptoglyph patterns are stored using encryption methods and only the iPhone app knows how to decrypt the stored and encrypted data. Only by reverse-engineering the entire software can counterfeiters decrypt the Cryptoglyph file, but this is highly improbable, because the effort is disproportionate.

Is AlpVision's product authentication application available for Android phones?

AlpVision's product authentication application is available for the iPhone 4S/5/5C/5S/6/6+ and Samsung Galaxy S4+S5. Other mobile operating systems available upon request.

What about countries where smartphone penetration is low?

That question depends on whether the users are brand owners or consumers. If authentication is performed by professionals or experts in the field, smartphone penetration is not an issue.

Is AlpVision's instant product authentication application available on the App Store?

Because each application is developed to meet the client's unique authentication needs, AlpVision's instant product authentication application is not available on the App Store.

What other services does AlpVision provide?

As part of its standard services, AlpVision provides customer support, quality control tools, and staff training.

FAQs About Pricing

Do you offer a demonstration or internal proof of concept?

Upon request, AlpVision creates a proof-of-concept demonstration focused on the feasibility and financial viability of the chosen brand protection program.

Why do I have to pay for a demonstration system?

Because a proof-of-concept demonstration generates administrative and development costs.

How do you set the price?

The price is an annual flat fee based on product volume. Generally, AlpVision's anti-counterfeit solutions cost less than a cent per unit.

What is the price to security ratio?

Because AlpVision's anti-counterfeit solutions are covert, yet do not require any additional consumables, production changes or adapted devices, AlpVision's solutions are cost effective and highly secure.

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