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About Us

AlpVision is the world's leader in digital technologies for product authentication and counterfeit protection. In 2001, the company invented a breakthrough authentication technology, widely used today by Forbes 2000 companies. AlpVision reached profitability in 2003 and has grown steadily ever since.

AlpVision's digital solutions for product authentication are applicable to a wide variety of items, including packaging and labeling, plastic and metal products, and high-value documents. Our solutions are commercialized worldwide under license agreements as entirely customizable turnkey computerized systems.

Founders and management team

AlpVision's founders graduated from the renowned Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). As recognized experts in the fields of digital signal processing, data security and computer sciences, and authors of many scientific publications, they laid the foundations of a company that develops innovative patented branded product protection and document security solutions, which are entirely customizable and comply with large-scale industrialization requirements.

Dr. Fred Jordan, CEO

Dr. Fred Jordan is co-founder of AlpVision and has served as CEO since June 2001. He is the author of numerous scientific publications and patents and co-inventor of Cryptoglyph and Fingerprint, AlpVision's core technologies. Dr. Jordan has work experience in the United States and in France. In 1999, he received his PhD from the Swiss Technology Institute (EPFL) - Signal Processing Institute (ITS) in Lausanne.

Dr. Martin Kutter, President

Dr. Martin Kutter is co-founder of AlpVision and today serves as President and Chairman of the Board. He holds a PhD from the Swiss Technology Institute in Lausanne (EPFL) and a Master of Science from the University of Rhode Island, Kingston, USA. For his PhD, Dr. Kutter received the "Best thesis award" in 2000. Dr. Kutter has published over 25 publications, including many books, and has filed numerous patents. Dr. Kutter has built his career on solid industrial experience and has earned an impressive scientific reputation. He is the co-inventor of Cryptoglyph and Fingerprint, AlpVision's core technologies.

Roland Meylan, Corporate Communications Manager (Ret.)

Roland Meylan is co-founder of AlpVision and served as Corporate Communications Manager for six and a half years. He retired on February 1, 2012. Throughout his career, Mr. Meylan gained considerable experience in the communications sector and contributed to numerous business launchings in value-added telecommunications services, as well as in the visual communications industry. He holds a Master of Science from the Swiss Technology Institute in Lausanne (EPFL) and earned a postgraduate degree in Business Administration from IMD International Business School.

Our mission

Based on innovation and creativity, AlpVision strives to provide brand owners and value document issuers with efficient and effective digital security solutions, compatible with complex industrial constraints, in order to enhance product and document protection against counterfeiting and other fraudulent attacks.


1997 Two of the future founders meet at the EPFL while working on their PhD theses. They are introduced to a senior business coach who sponsors start-up projects in the visual communications field. All three then cooperate on the creation of a future business.

2000 Developing their idea of using digital imaging for document protection, the founders file the first patent for Cryptoglyph®, AlpVision's core security printing solution for both brand and document protection.

2001 The three co-founders establish the first legal status for AlpVision as a limited liability company with an initial share capital of CHF 20'000.

2002 A private business angel agrees to support the founders. The share capital is raised to CHF 620'000, allowing the company to further develop both the Cryptoglyph technology and the first contacts with prospective customers. The legal identity is also changed to a privately owned limited company.

2003 The company breaks even and then shows a net profit at the end of the fiscal year, resulting from the first contracts signed with clients for brand protection, document security and custom solutions. These three fields then become AlpVision's core business units. Since 2003, the company's growth rate has exceeded 30% per year.

2004 The company gains the reputation of a very promising business in worldwide markets, collecting awards such as the European Seal of Excellence and the CTI/KTI label. This Quality Label is awarded by the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology to Swiss companies that have proven readiness for sustainable business development.

2005 The company passes the psychological barrier of one million US dollars of net earnings after tax, interest and amortization, an 88% increase over 2004, enabling the company to finance its worldwide development activities internally from now on.

2006 The company obtains the Swiss Quality Label for its products and services deployed worldwide. The turnover of the company increases by 35% compared to 2005, with major deployments of its Cryptoglyph® brand protection solution in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry.

2007 AlpVision Krypsos™, a server-based Web application that allows brand owners to perform online authentication, passes the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for Electronic Records (ERES) regarding medicines delivered in the USA. The company achieves a 42% increase in turnover compared to 2006.

2008 AlpVision continues to grow with new clients in the pharmaceutical industry. The head office space is doubled to house increased staff.

2009 AlpVision Fingerprint, a unique and breakthrough covert anti-counterfeit solution that tracks and authenticates mass produced objects manufactured by molding, is successfully deployed at industrial level.

2010 AlpVision opens its North American Regional Office in Chicago, Illinois, USA, at Willis Tower (f. Sears Tower), 84th floor.

2011 AlpVision develops and continues to improve its iPhone application for instant product authentication (available for the iPhone 4/4S/5; other mobile operating systems available upon request).

2013 AlpVision's automated authentication solution is the first to become IPM Connected. The Interface Public-Members or IPM is WCO's online tool serving as an interface between frontline Customs officers and the private sector.

2014 AlpVision's mobile authentication solutions were ported to Android based smart phones and hence significantly growing the number of supported smart phones.

2015 AlpVision extends its activities into Asia and opens its first sales office in Shanghai, China.

2016 New visible technology released: the Smart Embossing.

2017 New visible technology released: the Secure QR-Code.

2018 ISO 9001:2015 Certification.


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